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Bartering is not dead

A friend of mine, a yoga instructor, takes her iPod and iPod dock to classes in a shopping bag.  She recently asked me to make a bag to replace the shopping bag.  I said sure, but I didn’t want money for it: I’d rather exchange something I’m good at for something she’s good at.  So I received two private yoga classes in exchange for one bag for an iPod dock.  So here I present said bag for iPod dock (and, oh my – is that a glass of Chilean sauvignon blanc in the background?  How ever did that get there????).img_2843

Special thanks to Kirsty for hand stitching the last seam that nearly drove me insane.  Actually, sewing foam between the two layers drove me insane so I deserve that wine in the background!!


I had earlier made a yoga mat bag for this friend, so now she has matching yoga mat and iPod bags.  Slightly cheesy, but also kinda cute.




…can take sooooo long! But, then again, there is such satisfaction in seeing those nice fat little piles of neat squares. These (and a whole heap more of their buddies!) will be a Gypsy inspired throw. I’m toying with the idea of adding embroidered braids, ribbons and crocheted doileys…

cutting for gypsy throw


Bye, Bye Baby

For Flo and Tanya, who completely shocked the more cultured members of the red buttons by tonight revealing that they had NEVER heard of the Bay City Rollers.

ARE YOU KIDDING? Who was responsible for your education? They were seriously derelict in their duties!

Listen, watch, learn and enjoy.

Cheese is goooooood!


A handy shopping bag.

After committing to doing some projects that have been hanging around. I got out this unfinished bag that I “owed” my Mum, she selected a fabric panel from my stash and this is what it was turned into. I was really lucky that each of the smaller panels made just the right sized pockets.


It is a good sized bag. It is amazing what you can fit into it, this is a baby red button in it:




If I’m Not Crafting, I Might Be Baking…

It’s the weekend. That means that if any cooking is going to happen at our house at all this week, now is the time it will occur. And here’s what we often make. This is, without doubt, the BEST lemon muffin recipe in the Whole Wide World!
I have posted it on my blog before and that post still gets a gazillion hits a week because it’s such a great recipe.

They may not look especially special, but let me tell you that not only are they scrumdiddlyumptious, they are so easy that a DOG could make them.

Lemon Muffins (like the kind you get in New Zealand cafes)
2 Cups self raising flour
3/4 Cup sugar (too much in my opinion. I use 1/2 Cup)
75 gm butter
1 Cup milk
1 egg
zest from two lemons (big suckers – you want LOTS of zest)

1/4 Cup sugar
1/4 Cup lemon juice (again, I use a little more juice so it’s not sweet)

lemon muffins

Preheat oven to 200 C. Mix flour and sugar together in a large bowl.
Melt butter.
Mix egg, milk and lemon zest together. Add cooled butter.
Add liquid ingredients to dry ingredients and combine VERY gently until lightly mixed. This is the important part. There will be lumps, there will be wet bits. Ignore them. G E N T L E.

Spoon into greased muffin tins.
If you have been to a New Zealand cafe, you will know that muffin tins only come in ONE size – HUGE. Do not sully this recipe by making those eaten-in-one-bite atrocities. Unless you feel slightly nauseous after eating one of these muffins, you have NOT made them big enough.

Bake for about 15 minutes.(While this is happening, husband should be making his superb coffee.)
Stir together topping and drizzle over hot muffins.

Here the recipe and I seriously depart from one another. It says, “Cool and place on wire rack.”
Wrong. Pry gently from tin while still steaming, burning fingertips.
Eat over plate (to catch crumbs) with large mug of strong coffee.
Fight teenagers for last muffin (despite already feeling ill).
Pour more coffee.
Contemplate making another batch this afternoon.

Originally found at and now so familiar we consider it family.


Black and White and Yellow

The very clever Sharon is a red button. She makes beautiful quilts (and very beautiful babies).

This is her sizeable and stunning black, white and yellow quilt.


Sharon is a very sharing quilter and let me quilt her amazing quilt. So I smothered it in swirling feathers.


They are my current obsession.


Luckily Sharon likes them too!

Happy quilting,


Cooking tonight by Red Buttons…

Easter egg cosies

egg cosy bunny

The Never-Ending Pink Nightmare (destined for a new name when the ordeal of all that hand-sewing is a memory)…


Playing with pretty fabric

pretty fabric

Hookin’ a scalloped border on knitted face washers

scalloped edging

Sewing pretty quilts with Amy Butler’s Daisy Chain range

daisy chain quilt

Of course, we suspect that SOME red buttons only come for supper


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