Bartering is not dead

A friend of mine, a yoga instructor, takes her iPod and iPod dock to classes in a shopping bag.  She recently asked me to make a bag to replace the shopping bag.  I said sure, but I didn’t want money for it: I’d rather exchange something I’m good at for something she’s good at.  So I received two private yoga classes in exchange for one bag for an iPod dock.  So here I present said bag for iPod dock (and, oh my – is that a glass of Chilean sauvignon blanc in the background?  How ever did that get there????).img_2843

Special thanks to Kirsty for hand stitching the last seam that nearly drove me insane.  Actually, sewing foam between the two layers drove me insane so I deserve that wine in the background!!


I had earlier made a yoga mat bag for this friend, so now she has matching yoga mat and iPod bags.  Slightly cheesy, but also kinda cute.



3 Responses to “Bartering is not dead”

  1. 2 twolimeleaves April 1, 2009 at 4:31 am

    Wine, eh? What a surprise! But definitely well deserved. That was some effort sewing that bag. It’s very, very cool indeed and a whole heap more awesome than a shopping bag.

  2. 3 Handmade April 1, 2009 at 6:52 am

    WHat a great exchange! Love the clever bag!

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