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2010 Week Seventeen

This week at Red Buttons.

Sharon was…

crocheting a little cardigan for the beautiful Paige. Four buttons were needed and we all very happily dived into the button jars to find the most appropriate.

Tracey was…

binding a top secret soon to be published project. Naturally this is a last minute rush to be finished by the due date. Who doesn’t love the inspiration provided by a looming deadline?

We all ate…

delicious scones with jam made for us for the lovely Julie.


Flo had to go…

..and we are sad 😦

Flo is leaving us for the UK for an undetermined time (but even two weeks would be too long).

Tracey made this amazing satchel and Sharon filled it with pencils and a sketchbook. By the time she hits the UK we bet it will be full of wonderful designs for new quilts and probably clothes as well.

The writing on the quilting reads :

” Florence is a Red Button.Red Buttons meet at Pompom Rouge at 7 pm on Monday nights.That is 10 am on Monday in England.So when you stop to have a cup of Lady Grey for morning tea you will be sharing it with us.”

We love you, Flo. We miss you already. Come back soon. xxx

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