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2011 – Week 3

Four of us caught up this week and this is a little of what we were up to.


Julie spoiled us again. This is a sewing related post as you can clearly see the cake is sitting on top of a cutting mat:


Kirsty is back from her trip to NZ. I think one of the main reasons she came back is to fondle her yarn stash, and frankly – who could blame her:


Michelle’s stitching is taking form now as she starts to sew the pies onto their background fabrics. The colours in this quilt are quite gorgeous:


I have forsaken my sewing this week for my new love – KNITTING!! Here is my current project that is going to be a sweet little cardigan for my daughter:


Happy Crafting.



2011 – Week 2

My personal New Years resolution is to finish more stuff – sewing, knitting, blogging… so I am resurrecting the Red Button Blog and will be ‘encouraging’ the other Buttons to post as well.

We’ve had some big changes in our lovely group in the last year. Flo has moved to England, she blogs here now… Tanya got married, had a baby and moved to China, she blogs here now. Although they are both far away, once a Button, always a Button. They both know where we will be when they come home.

And we’ve had some new buttons join us: Julie, Michelle, Valeria and Sonia.  We still do more eating and talking than we do sewing and we always have a good night.

I always look forward to my Monday night Red Button gatherings.

This week we were few in number, here is a little glimpse of what we got up to.


Michelle continued her never-ending Pies & Tarts:


Tracey was adding to the wardrobe of her Milly Molly Dolly bag:


If I had seen the delicious Chocolate Butterfly cakes that Julie baked before I took this picture that would be here. This is Julie cutting out for new blocks for her sampler quilt:

I hand appliquéd a few more pieces onto my Lollipop Garden quilt:

Happy crafting until next time.


Week 23

Here is a little taste of some of the things we have been doing this week:

Julie was finishing off Cathedral windows… beautiful.

Tracey showed us a quilt top that she has been working on.

Kirsty knitted this gloriously bright cardigan (beautifully modeled by Julie). It is knitted in 4 ply and took up a lot of sewing time to complete.

I’ve decided to rip this cardigan and start something else.

Best of all we got to talk to Flo who we all miss – a lot.

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